Founder’s Note

From NGLF’s Founder:

There are lots of people that will pray for you, some will come and help out in times of need, others will call and give you words of encouragement, but there are few that will give their life for you. Look closely at the attached photo. He will go wherever he is sent, risk his life, spill his blood, even come home with body parts missing, and he will even keep going back, again and again, to do it all over again.

Let us never forget that the struggles that we have, to serve these brave Warriors and their families, is but a very small price and sacrifice to pay. Let’s keep up the commitment to work hard so that they will one day find the Prince of Peace!

Soldier jumping off planeTHIS is the kind of Warrior we serve daily!

A friend forwarded me this photo so I don’t know the photographer, nor the person jumping, but we thank them both for their service! –         Larry G. Ledford